First Baptist Church

404 North Almont Avenue First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church – 1876
404 North Almont Avenue

As early as 1858 a religious society of the Baptist was organized in the Deneen schoolhouse in Imlay Township.  In 1870, thanks to the generosity of Charles Palmer, joint union serves were held in the Bancroft Hotel ballroom by the Congregationalists, the Methodists and the Baptist.

On November 8, 1871 a group of people assembled at the schoolhouse to organize a Baptist Church in the village of Imlay City.  In February of 1872, they purchased a lot at the corner of Sixth Street and Almont Avenue.  They commenced the erection of their church that spring of 1872.  The building was dedicated August 6th.  This was the first building in Imlay City for religious purposes.  Rev. J. E. Bitting was called to be the first pastor.  A week after the dedication it was decided to borrow $400 to build a parsonage at 465 North Almont Avenue.

The church building was constructed for a cost of $2,692.12 and is two stories high with ample basement. The audience room is tastily finished in pine and black walnut, and seats about 300 persons.

By the year 1960, the lack of space and the need for alterations became acute.  In the fall of 1960, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Anderson offered to give their home on south Almont Avenue to be used as a parsonage, providing a new church be built.  The offer was accepted and in June 1963  property on Weston Street was purchased and construction of a new church started on May 10, 1964.  The first service was held in the new church September 20, 1964 and the dedication was held October 18, 1964.  In February of 1964, the Baptist voted to sell its church building and fellowship house on Almont Avenue to the Nazarene Church.

At a membership meeting held on October 21, 2009, it was decided  to bring to conclusion the ministries of 137 years of the First Baptist Church in Imlay City with dignity and respect due to dwindling membership.  The church closed December 13, 2009.

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