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Coope House

275 North Main Street
Coope House

Coope House
275 N Main Street
Circa 1892

The parcel of land on which this home sits was originally bought by Anson Parsons and was part of 160 acres purchased from the United States government for $1 in 1837.   Charles Palmer purchased the land from Mr. Parsons and platted the village of Imlay City in 1870.

Mr. John Coope, who was a partner in the Walter Walker & Company elevator and a wealthy businessman, built this home in 1892.

The house features an ornate carved fireplace mantel, and carved woodwork of oak and white pine.  The dining room features beautiful French doors.  Beautifully crafted designs are hand carved into the railing of the staircase and the molding surrounding the windows and doors.  Even the door hinges are worth looking at, as each one is graced with its own artistic design.  The upstairs bedrooms all have working transoms over the doors which allows air to flow in from the hallway.  Two of the rooms feature small washing sinks in the corner.

While sitting in the parlor it is possible to look through the doorways of the sitting room, den and bathroom to the opposite end of the home.  Views such as these provide a unique charm to the house, and give it a feeling of great depth.

The structure boasts four dormers, each uniquely designed with different style window and exterior scroll work.  Today the home is still reminiscent of the days when John and Ursala Coope were the owners.

After acquiring the house in 1974, the new homeowners decided to tear out a wall, and in so doing, discovered it had been installed later and was not part of the original design.  The only other renovation that has been done on the property was the replacement of the carriage barn in the backyard.

Coope House
275 N Main Street
Circa 1892

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