Dr. Jones House

165 North Main Street

Dr. George Jones’ House

Dr. George Jones House
165 Main Street
Circa 1872

This was the home of Dr. George W. Jones.  It was built in 1872 and appears to be in the Italianate style.  It has been partially restored by the current owner, and originally contained an open porch on the south side, which is now enclosed.  The original porch contained a railing along the upper roof and the entire front lawn was enclosed with a decorative wood fence.

The ornamental tree on the south side of the house is a Catalpa tree, only one or two known in Imlay City.  It is a flowering tree and has large bean pods that turn brown and drop in late summer.  The largest living Catalpa tree is on the grounds of the Michigan State Capitol in Lansing and was planted in the year 1879.  There is one in England that is 150 years old.

Dr. Jones came to Imlay City from Port Perry, Ontario in December of 1870.  He was the first doctor in Imlay City when the population was only 100.  During his career he presided at over 1,900 births.  He and his family lived in this house for 58 years, until the time of his death.  His son-in-law, C. F. Butler, then purchased the house and lived there for many more years.

Dr. Jones served in mnay important civic positions, including:

52 years as chairman of the board of trustees of the Congregational Church

12 years as postmaster under four different presidents

30 years as surgeon for the Grand Trunk Railroad

62 years a member of the Masonic Lodge

He was one of the founders of the fair association.

He was a member of the county pension board and the school board

He was village president



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