E.E. Palmer/Rathsburh & Muir Bookstore

151 East Third Street E.E. Palmer Rathsburg And Muir Bookstore

Edward E. Palmer, circa late 1800’s

E.E. Palmer/Rathsburg & Muir Bookstore -1929
151 East Third Street

In 1888, Edward E. Palmer started a variety store in this building at the corner of Bancroft and Third streets.  The store sold school books, supplies and various other items.

In 1901 he sold the store to Frank Rathsburg, who had been a clerk in a general store in Almont.  After selling his business Mr. Palmer devoted his time to farming, developing the Belle River flats east of town, known as Riverside Farm.  The farm was later operated by the Belle River Celery Company.  Mr. Palmer later moved to Long Beach, California, where he resided until 90 years of age. Upon his death he was returned to Imlay City for burial.

Frank Rathsburg was an active citizen.  He was secretary of the Imlay City Fair Association, promoted the Detroit Urban Railway, helped start the local Chamber of Commerce and aided in promoting the Earle Memorial Highway, the new M-53.

In 1902 Will Muir, who had been clerking in the Nelson Haskin store (located on Third Street) for two years, bought an interest in the store.  The Rathsburg and Muir firm was then formed with Walter Schoof and Fred Linekar as clerks.  Mr. Muir sold his interest in 1919 and entered the insurance business.

Later, Walter Schoof bought Mr. Muir’s interest in the store and it became the firm of Rathsburg and Schoof.  The firm of Rathsburg and Schoof continued until 1929 when the store was completely destroyed by fire.  Mr. Schoof then opened a wallpaper, paint and home furnishing store on Almont Avenue which he ran until 1936 when he became postmaster for the next 20 years.


E.E. Palmer/Rathsburg & Muir Bookstore
151 East Third Street

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