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Fancher Building

110 North Almont Avenue Fancher Building
Myron Fancher

Fancher Building – 1923
110 North Almont Avenue

The first Imlay City post office was located at Blacks Corners, a small settlement two miles northwest of Imlay City.  The post office then moved into the village of Imlay City and was located at the southeast corner of Third Street and Almont Avenue.  From there it moved two more times until 1923 when Myron Fancher erected this building on Almont Avenue to be used as the Imlay City Post Office.  Currently, the United States Post Office is located at 310 East Third Street.

Early postmasters were (in order);  E. E. Palmer, Dr. Egglestone, Dr. George W. Jones, Morrice Braidwood, Jack Brewer, Mrs. Guy Washer, Earl (Pete) Secor, Walter Schoof, Grace Matthews and James Robb.

In the 1950s this building became the Metzger Shoe Store.  The lower level of the building, accessed by an outdoor stairwell, at one time contained a beauty shop, a barber shop, and a coffee shop.

Myron Fancher came to Imlay City in 1903.  He was a funeral director until his retirement in 1945.  He was the manager of the local telephone exchange from 1909 until 1928.  He also built the buildings that housed the A&P store and the Fancher and Smith Funeral Home located along this section of Almont Avenue

Fancher Building
110 North Almont Avenue

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