St. Paul’s Lutheran Church

St. Paul's Lutheran Church

1912 “German Church”

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church -1951
200 North Cedar Street

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church began as a mission congregation formed in the year 1889 in Goodland Township.  Reverend Guetzlaff, Sr., of Capac was the pastor.  At that time there was a difference of opinion as to the location of the church, resulting in building two churches.  St. Paul’s was built at the present site and Emmanuel at the corner of Brown City and Bowers roads.

The Goodland and Imlay churches were served by pastors from Capac.  Pastor Loeb organized the purchase of a new organ in 1893.  For the first 30 years, services were held in German.  There were 54 communicants as late as 1919.  Three people were confirmed in the first class in 1914.  Between 1920 and 1925 the Ladies Aid Society was formed.  A young people’s Bible Class and a Luther League were formed under pastors F. Engelhart and A. Guetzlaff, Jr.

After 1925, Pastor W. E. Sund united the two churches.  Some of the members of St. Paul’s were among the 40 baptized from Emmanuel.

On February 14, 1951 the church burned to the ground.  Plans for a new, larger and more beautiful house of worship were formed and a ground breaking service held.  On February 7, 1952 the present structure was dedicated with 243 confirmed members. Over the years a bell choir was created, a clown ministry developed and a scholarship fund established.

In 1957 the house near the church was purchased and is currently used as a day care center.  The congregation acquired property north of the church for future expansion.  In 1989, a outdoor pavilion was constructed and the houses north of the church removed.

In 2002 a beautiful new addition was completed which allowed for more programs for the community, a food pantry, and many more activities.  In 2006 Faith Gardens was opened as a preschool and daycare center.

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