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Senior Center 395 East Third Street The farmland scenes I passed everyday when I drove over to paint (in downtown Imlay City). I have flown over these jewels of the landscape for years, driven through them, got lost in them. They are America in it’s best.


150 POP 150 Bancroft For this piece I wanted to use pure abstraction from two of my favorite artists. Piet Mondrian, and Jackson Pollock were two artists that broke all the rules of conventional art-making in order to make art that made themselves happy before anyone else. Love it, or hate it it makes you …

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Narayan Physical Therapy 335 East Third Street For my last piece I wanted to create a landscape in the style of Fauvism, which is characterized by bright, vivid colors, and bold outlines. I wanted to chose a picture I had taken myself, and this is based on a photograph I took with my husband on …

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I Miss The Rain

144 East Third Street Located on back of building, off of Depot Drive I have always loved giraffes. I have always found it amazing that such awkward looking creatures were so graceful and elegant. When I was 16 I took all of I teach my 2nd grade students about giraffes every year, and we talk …

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150 POP 150 Bancroft Street When given the idea of wings as a photo op for the community, my initial thought was monarch butterfly wings. They migrate through the area and are a butterfly that young and old can identify with. I wanted to push the idea of community engagement even further by giving the …

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The Escape

Alvin Nolin Pool 387 East Third Street The idea was to recreate the idea from many years ago when I painted the fence as a sign for the pool when I was in high school. I painted an octopus, a very cartoon octopus. With this octopus I wanted to give it more action and purpose. …

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Some Pig

Mulefoot Gastropub 244 East Third Street When first presented with opportunity to create permanent works for downtown, I immediately was drawn to creating for the Mulefoot. Having lived down the road from the Romines, and gone to school during the same time creating a work for them seemed like the ultimate awesome idea. I chose …

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City Hall (back of building) 150 North Main Street Perhaps my favorite thing to do it paint seascapes. I love taking details of what I image the sunset or sunrise to look like and then creating my own unique seascapes. I have only been to the sea once, but it has been something that has …

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The First Eleven

Cedar Lanes Bowling Alley 270 South Cedar Street This was the first painting I finished of my five works for Imlay City’s, Art in Action. While bowling, maybe a year ago, I realized I had never drawn anything bowling related. Bowling has been a big part of my life the last few years, and to …

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Ode to Georgia

Narayan Physical Therapy 335 East Third Street “Ode to Georgia,” is summed up in the title. It’s a painting like works a famous artist named Georgia O’Keefe, painted. I have always been a fan of O’Keefe, and I wanted to do a work similar to her extreme close-ups on flowers. I then took the idea …

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Alvin Nolin Pool 387 East Third Street When I started this work, hurricane Irma was just starting to form in the Atlantic. It was during the time when they had no idea that it would actually hit land. My painting depicts a projected path of Irma, one of the very first predictions made of a …

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310 East Third Street United States Post Office I have an interest in frogs, and when I have the chance to paint in my two favorite color schemes it makes painting that much more interesting. I love blues and greens, so painting with them brings a much more enjoyable atmosphere for me. This piece ties …

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Red Wild

United States Post Office 310 East Third Street My time and effort painting for my hometown had a large purpose in my demeanor as an artist. I had always been told what to draw through assignments, friends, and family and found myself to be easily swayed to draw something I knew at least one person …

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For the Birds

Ruth Hughes Memorial Library 211 North Almont Avenue I have always found myself being drawn to owls, they somehow have always come very naturally to me and I find people (including myself) always in allure of the eyes. The intrigue I find in that also brought about the challenge of wanting my audience’s eyes to …

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Calmer #13

Alvin Norlin Pool 387 East Third Street Though this was my first attempt at a seascape, I wanted to create a scenery painting that seemed tranquil and serene. A fairly calm ocean with the frequent crash of a wave lit only by moonlight seemed to be a relaxing thought to me.

King, for Dad #4

Lil Bit of Everything 131 East Third Street The inspiration for this piece is very simple. My dad is an avid fan of the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley. I painted a pop-art style portrait of Elvis in honor of the amazing role-model my dad has been to me all throughout my life.

Guitar #1

City Hall (inside) 150 N. Main Street This was the first painting I created of the seven. Unsure of where to begin, I turned to another hobby of mine that brings me inspiration: music. I’ve been playing guitar since I was ten years old, and it only seemed appropriate that at least one of my …

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On Guard #11

400 East Third Street This one is my favorite painting from this project. I have always drawn animals and knew that there were a lot of dog lovers out there so I picked a dog I’ve always wanted. I couldn’t be happier with how he turned out and the placement of the painting. Not only …

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Tranquility #8

Atkins Insurance 230 East Third Street I love sunsets. Love the way they are never the same. I had bright metallic paint that I thought would look like the sun shining on water so I painted a sunset on the ocean.

Elphaley #3

Coulter Real Estate 131 Bancroft Street As my last piece I decided to do something​ different and fun. The idea came from a friend who had me draw a similar elephant on her back to see if it was a tattoo she would like. I thought it would be a fun piece. I know she …

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City Hall (inside) 150 North Main Street I wanted my first painting to represent something about Imlay City's history. So when I discovered that the railroad played a major part in putting the City on the map I knew I just had to paint a train. I decided on a black and white theme to represent old time photos.

Palmer #2

City Hall (inside) 150 North Main Street I wanted my first painting to represent something about Imlay City’s history. So when I discovered that the railroad played a major part in putting the City on the map I knew I just had to paint a train. I decided on a black and white theme to represent …

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